Capture The Map


Sign up and participate in pre-season of capture the map and receive 500 MAP tokens for signing up, completing and submitting at least one task.

Add your contact details below and we will notify you when our app is live and pre-season begins.

What is Capture The Map?

The MapCoin community can earn MAP tokens by completing tasks and help to build out the MapCoin map. Turning boring data collection into a fun and rewarding game.

How do i take part?

We are almost ready to release our first data collection app. Sign up today and get added to our wait list. We will notify you by email when the app is live in the app store.

I get 500 MAP tokens for signing up?

Yep! Simply sign up today and when you create an account on our app and submit your first task, you will be awarded 500 MAP tokens

What is a Task?

Tasks are displayed on the map. Most are simply a case of taking and uploading photos of points of interest, like shops and businesses. Choose a task, take some photos and once they are verified you get rewarded in MAP tokens.

When do i get my tokens?

Capture the map is broken down into seasons - think fortnite. Once the season is over, you will be able to claim your tokens earned in the season.

How long do seasons last?

Most seasons will last around 4 to 6 weeks.

Why is there a pre-season?

As the capture the map app is super new, we will use the preseason to test and iron out any bugs we find.

What devices will i be able to play Capture The Map?

We will release on Android first, with an iOS version soon after.