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Mapcoin drives the creation of maps and location data using the power of our community. Best of all you get rewarded for sharing your data!

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MapCoin ICO rating
MapCoin ICO rating
MapCoin ICO rating

Driving the future of mapping technologies

Automotive data monetisation could offer $33 billion in opportunities for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) by 2025.

With MapCoin we believe you, the creator of this data, should be rewarded for collecting this data.

Data, Data, Data

Data is the single biggest requirement for the development of autonomous vehicles and the next generation of maps. The reason for this is twofold;

Artificial Intelligence  (AI)

All Autonomous Vehicles use advanced AI to help them recognize, people, cars, objects, etc, as well as helping them make decisions on the best course of action. AI is trained by giving thousands of examples of images and videos in order for the AI to be able to understand the road and the driving environment. 

The amount of data that needs to be collected for training material is vast and time consuming to collect. Companies like Google, try to collect the data themselves by sending their own fleet of vehicles equipped with cameras and other sensors to drive the planet. This is a very costly process. 

High Definition Maps (HD Maps)

Unlike humans who can use a normal map to navigate, autonomous vehicles need a very accurate HD map in order to accurately position themselves and to help understand the road network around them. 

The typical map data that people currently use in their navigation apps is accurate to around 3m, whereas HD maps for Autonomous vehicles are accurate to less than 20cms. Mapping the world at that resolution takes a lot of effort and requires a huge amount of data. 

Until now this data has been generated by companies working in the autonomous vehicles or mapping industries using old collection methods, however that is all about to change. MapCoin has been designed to help collect this data and reward people for doing so.

Think of it as “proactive” crowd sourcing, MapCoin is not only a platform to help companies collect this data, but it is also a cryptocurrency which means people get rewarded for collecting data.

MapCoin Solution

The MapCoin Collectr App

This is the easiest method for people to get started collecting and earning MapCoins for data. This is a app that can be downloaded and installed on a users phone. The app uses the camera in the phone to collect video data to be used for mapping.

Once the app is installed the user simply has to mount the phone on the window of their car and then start the Collectr app. As they drive the app will collect video footage of the road and send it to MapCoin for processing


Custom Mapping Tasks

MapCoin’s goal is to aid the collection of data for the whole autonomous vehicle and mapping industry, as such there are many different companies working in the space each with unique requirements for the type of data to be collected and the method.

MapCoin as a platform helps to facilitate the collection of this data by allowing companies to create “Mapping Tasks”.  These tasks are then listed on the MapCoin website and registered users' can accept the tasks to collect data. 


How MapCoin Works

MapCoin utilises multiple decentralised technology layers to deliver a fast, scalable, flexible, accessible, affordable and immutable platform.

Using blockchain to drive the future of mapping technologies



Core team starts to develop navigation products on OpenStreetMap


MapCoin team launches Navfree on iOS, reaches 3m users in under 4 months


MapCoin team established one of the largest navigation apps in the world

Q1 2018

Navmii Co Founder and Creative director leaves Navmii and founds MapCoin.
Development started on MapCoin app and Data platform
Partnership building begins for app and data platform
Core team is hired
Preparation for Private token Sale started

Q2 2018

Navmii signs as a global partner to use app and data platform
Voxelmaps signs as a global partner use app and data platform

Q3 2018 - July

Launch of Private Token Sale

Q3 2018 - Aug

Launch of Pre Token Sale to corporate partners
Launch iOS app with partners

Q3 2018 - Sept

Launch of Public Token Sale
Expand team - BD / Sales / Devs
Launch Android app with partners

Q4 2018

Launch MapCoin Data Builder platform
Launch v1 of dedicated MapCoin app
Expand team in US and EU

Q1 2019

Expand partnerships  in US and EU

Q4 2019

Expand team and partnerships in Asia

Token Offering

Tokens are required to support MapCoin in disrupting the automotive, mapping and location data industries, as well as to reward MapCoin data creators'.

Bonuses will be provided to early token holders' with a short lockout period after the sale to encourage stability of the MapCoin platform.

Token Symbol
Total Supply
Accepted Payments
Sale Amount
Exchange Rate
Private Sale
TGE - Pre Sale  
TGE - Public sale
Token Contact Address

1,000,000,000 MAP Tokens
380,000,000 MAP
est $0.10 - 1 MAP
'Till end of August
'Till end of Sep
Starts Oct 1st
To be announced

Token Symbol


Total Supply

1,000,000,000 MAP Tokens

Accepted Payments


Sale Amount

380,000,000 MAP with Bonus

Exchange Rate

est $0.10 - 1 MAP





Private Sale

Till end of August

TGE - Public sale

Till end of Sep

Token Symbol

Starts Oct 1st

Token Contact Address

To be announced

Private Sale Open


Token Sale Allocations

Use of Funds

Meet Our Core Team

Our team is comprised of mapping and Automotive industry veterans. The core team have worked together for over 10 years and were the first to launch free navigation on the iPhone using OpenStreetmap and scaling to over 25 million users worldwide, as well as developing and patenting a new approach to Autonomous vehicle mapping.


Co-Founder & CEO


Co-Founder & Business Development








Big Data Specialist


General Manager - China


Computer Vision & AI Specialist


Head of Design


Community Growth


Social Media


Investor Relations

MapCoin Advisors


CEO Voxelmaps


CTO Navmii


CEO Navmii


Tech Lead - Uber






Business Strategic Advisor


ICO Advisor

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